Artist in residens -Charlotte Østergaard (DK)

Charlotte Østergaard is a danish costume-, textile- and fashiondesigner who over the last 25 years has worked as an independent artist. The main focus in all of Charlotte’s artistic work is a fascination for the body as a cultural and artistic expression.

In May she is working at Gylleboverket to develop a work that will be part of Gylleboverket Performancefestival in August.

Charlotte Østergaard is performing artistic research on costume as PhD fellow at Malmö Theater Academy, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University in Sweden

”My research aims to explore costume as a polyphone process between agents, positions, disciplines, perspectives, epistemologies, methodologies, and other. I will study how costume can become co-creational processes of ‘coexisting’ and ‘becoming-with’ with others (participants, collaborators, co-creators) where we in specific situations create or dream future ‘worldings’. I will study how co-creators engage, respond, disturb, reflect, and change my design process and artistic practice. Accordingly, the design process is in the centre of artistic research. ”

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