All my relations- Ecocamp 2022

.2 september . .4 september
Plats: Gylleboverket

ALL MY RELATIONS: Eco-Pedagogy, Self-Cultivation and Transformative Performance Practices, at Gylleboverket, Skåne, Sweden 

A three-day intensive transdisciplinary workshop event that explores the potential of performative practices to trigger transformation in human behavior and an ecological awareness.  The workshop invites artists, researchers and pedagogues dealing with ecology, non-human encounters and sustainable development to bring their questions to a laboratory designed to bridge the gap between art, research and everyday life.

Organized jointly by Agenda 2030 Graduate School (Lund University), Öresund Collegium for Artistic Research (Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund Unversity), and Gylleboverket a center for ecological art and activism located in the Skånish countryside.
630 420 gustaf