Permakultur i Kirgistan

.8 november
Kl 18:00
Plats: Gylleboverket

The Future of Farming in Kyrgyzstan- föreläsning med

Nurayim Syrgak kyzy – an environmental activist, Simone de Boer is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology & Gustaf Sörnmo  founder of the organization Centralasiengrupperna

Opportunities and challenges for Sustainable Agriculture: A case study of Permaculture Initiatives with Nuraiym Syrgak, Simone de Boer and Gustaf Sörnmo.

In recent years, environmentally friendly forms of agriculture are gaining popularity in Kyrgyzstan. In this presentation we explore the environmental, socio-cultural, economic and political context of this development and discuss some of the opportunities and challenges farmers and other actors in Kyrgyzstan experience, while transitioning to (more) sustainable agricultural practices. In particular, we will focus on how permaculture initiatives is spreading rapidly in the region as a way to deal with food sovereignty, climate adaptation, sustainable livelihoods, among other things.

Nurayim Syrgak kyzy – an environmental activist. She works at the Foundation “El-Too” in Kyrgyzstan, specializing in biodiversity conservation, community microreserves, permaculture and ecotourism with a focus on women and youth. Over the last two years, El-Too in partnership with Centralasiengrupperna have actively been introducing permaculture initiatives among farmers of Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Simone de Boer is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at Gothenburg University. Her PhD research is focused on the development of sustainable agriculture and the making of ‘sustainable farmers’ in Kyrgyzstan. Before starting her PhD, she worked as a lecturer at the institute of Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology at Leiden University, the Netherlands.

Gustaf Sörnmo is the founder of the organization Centralasiengrupperna and currently works with coordinating the environmental projects in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

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