PDTree. An Advanced Permaculture Design Day

.11 maj
Kl 10:00-18:00
Plats: Gylleboverket

Have you attended a PDC or are you familiar with Permaculture?

This is a day for you who wants to look deeper in to the permaculture design concepts and get an overview of all of them in a visual, cohesive and coherent way.
The day will be held by Alessandro Ardovini from ReDes who developed PDTree.
It is arranged at Gylleboverket by Gylleboverket as a node to Holma Folkhögskola.
Warmly welcome!
Date & time: Saturday 11the May 10.00-18.00
Pre- registration obligatory: through filling in this form
Food & coffee/tea: Bring your own food for a lunch potluck (knytkalas). We will have coffee/tea & cake for fika!
Admission: Free of charge.
Language: The day will be held in English.
Contact: info@gylleboverket.se
Place: Gylleboverket, Tornavägen, Östra Vemmerlöv

More on the day:

Have you ever wondered what a Permaculture Design Process is? Or where do strategies fit? Or what a design tool is? And how are these and many more concepts related to one another?

After years of research and development of visual permaculture didactic tools we come with a comprehensive tool that will hopefully bring clarity and allow you to easily use permaculture design in your projects and explain it to others.

Come to this full day of learning and sharing at Gylleboverket, Tornavägen, 272 97 Gärsnäs.

Bring your own food (preferably vegan) for a lunch potluck. We invite you for fika!

A collaboration between Gylleboverket, Holma Folkhögskola, Permakultur i Skåne and Alessandro Ardovini of ReDes – Regenerative Design

More on Alessandro:

Alessandro Ardovini (Aless) is a daoist, eclectic, feminist, permaculturalist, writer, cinephile, solarpunk, animal rights activist and digital craftsman. He has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature.
He holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and since 2011 he teaches permaculture and sociocracy.

He is a co-founder of several permaculture groups and networks in the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe, a diploma tutor at the Permacultura Ibera Academy, a working member of the Nordic Permaculture Academy and an active member of other international permaculture organizations.

He is trained in NonViolent Communication and Biocyclic Humus Soil production and management.

Re-des website

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