Medverkan I – The Conference of the Birds: online seminar

.23 november
Kl 18:00-20.30
Plats: online
Gylleboverket konstnärsgrupp tar del i denna pågående process.
The Conference of the Birds presents:
Collaboration and contempt: Birds Eye Views
Language: The seminar will be in English
The Conference of the Birds is a transdisciplinary, polyphonic and socially engaged art project with collaborations between artists, scientists and bird enthusiasts, reflecting on bird cultures and bird-human relations in the Nordic countries. Our intention is to help lift our human gaze into a bird’s eye perspective, renewing the way people think about birds but also finding new ways of welcoming and including birds back into our culture.
In Norway, we have lost over 30% of the total bird population in recent decades and many species are in danger of disappearing for good. The situation for seabirds is dramatic, with a reduction of up to 75% for several species over the last 30 years. This is an ecological disaster where human behaviour is the main cause.
Anchored in the project The Conference of the Birds in collaboration with NOBA (Norwegian BioArt Arena), the seminar will provide an insight into how we, through interdisciplinary exchange between art and science, work to draw attention to the birds’ belonging in our world. We are asking the question: How can we integrate birds into our culture and activate a physical and emotional engagement with birds by lifting our gaze and seeing the world from a bird’s eye view?
Programme (all times are CET/GMT+1)
18.00-18.10 How can art and science collaborate to create alternative perspectives? Introduction to NOBA (Norwegian BioArt Arena) and the collaboration with The Conference of the Birds. Nora S. Vaage
18.10-18.25 Beyond-human art for endangered birds. Introduction to The Conference of the Birds project by curators and artists Ulrika Jansson (SE) and Eva Bakkeslett (NO). Finland
18.25-18.40 The Great Cormorant – a Bird Worthy of a Song. Curator Ulla Taipale presents the artwork Chorus sinensis. Denmark
18.40-18.50 Over the pier, under the senses – an intro to the setting of Avian-Human in Copenhagen, spring 2023 Oleg Koefoed
18.50-19.00 Collective Imagination of the Nest by Becoming Species, a performance and climate activist collective based in Copenhagen.
We invite participants to gather twigs, branches and fabric scraps, and bring them to this interactive performance where each attendee will build a nest for endangered birds as part of a collective action.
19.00-19.10 FUGLESPOR / BIRD TRACES Workshop presented by Nana-Francisca Schottländer and Laura Winge
19.10-19.20 VOICES – embodied knowledge of place Soundwork presented by Maiken Vibe Bauer Norway
19.20-19.30 Ahoo Ahoo – Eiderducks and people exchanging cultures Eva Bakkeslett
19.30-19.40 Docks, down and ducks at sea Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth aka Eyes as Big as Plates present their work with birds and the people on the island of Selvær. Sweden
19.40-19.50 Varelse / Værelse Ulrika Jansson presents the project carried out in Frihamnen, Göteborg.
19.50-20.00 Becoming Spirit Bird Performance work presented by Pernilla Ljungkvist.
20.00-20.10 NEIGHBIRDHOOD Eco-social designer Christoph Matt presents his design workshops.
20.10-20.20 Rites of transformation at Koster islands and Österlen
Presented by artist group Gylleboverket, aka Etta Säfve and Jona Elfdahl.
20.20-20.30 Birding together: Conclusion of the seminar Eva Bakkeslett, Ulrika Jansson, Nora S. Vaage
799 417 Etta Säfve